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  2. I wonder why leaving blogspot. But it's okay with wordpress. :-)


  3. Robert, I floated the idea o The AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE on my Face Page (Reese Palley)a couple of months ago. I proposed setting up the organization starting with the Unions who know where the unemployed are. Unemployed, past unemployed, and under employed are to be included. The potential constituency is close to 50 million. That will cause someone to sit up. Can you suggest a starting point.

  4. Sir: Are you in the Government now? If not, why not?

  5. No, not in the Government

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  7. An idea re mortgages. Allow any person with a mortgage wpould be allowed toonly pay 50% of their monthly fee for a period of twoyears,and that would not allow repossession. That could put a floor under the housing market Next - Charitable organizations are having a tough time. Allow any individual who is uinemployed to work for them at the state minimum wage which would be made totally tax deductible. Please get back to me. Alan de Jardin 204 257 2941

  8. Mortgages? Mortgages? I don't got to show you no stinkin' mortgage. I don't got to show you no stinkin' Note or Deed or any of that "stuff" I MERS it all as the freight cars of paperwork were ruining the view from my corner suite.

    Back to R E A L I T Y;

    I secured a knowledgeable attorney in 2009. After Wachovia's phone help suggested I'd get no relief unless I "was at least three months late", I suspected something was not right.
    This counsel confirmed my worst fears be explaining that in fact the banks were all a bunch of habitual gamblers, it being easy for them as they were lying about the value of there chips, (securitized "instruments") and in fact were just terrible gamblers unless they happened to be betting on the house.) (Goldman Sacks of dough)
    Bottom line in our view is that they gambled and lost "THEIR" equity in my home, not mine so F**kem.
    Now the kicker folks;
    Nevada still has a decent mediation process prior to foreclosure. Wachovia, World, Wells-Fargo has no "stinkin paperwork" thus no standing to foreclose or even modify!!!

  9. The unemployed need to be organized. Join AAUP (American Association of Unemployed People) a non profit group established to give political muscle and protection to our millions of unemployed.


    Build it! Be there! Don't come alone!

    Jobs are disappearing, foreclosures are increasing, cities are falling apart, young people have few prospects for a good future. Additionally, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are on the chopping block and the so-called "war on terror" continues. The stalled economy and massive budget cuts demand a massive popular movement not seen since the great depression.

    Both and the AFL-CIO have called for demonstrations in support of the demand for jobs. On October 15th in Oakland, we will answer that call.

    The "Jobs Not Cuts" march and rally promises to confront the U.S. economic crisis, head-on. It has drawn a growing list of major supporters, including numerous Bay Area labor unions and anti-war, progressive and community groups in partnership with and Rebuild the Dream.

    We will assemble at Laney College on Saturday, Oct. 15, at 1:00 pm and march to Frank Ogawa Plaza for a rally at 3:30. On the way, we will stop at the Federal Building, where we will symbolically nail a list of progressive economic demands to the door of government, including Jobs, Not Cuts; Work, Not War; Clean Energy, Not Climate Change; Education Not Incarceration; Investment in Infrastructure and Medicare-for-All.

    March with us on Oct. 15th to send this message to Congress: Make Jobs, Not War! Hands Off Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid! Make the Rich and giant corporations pay their share of taxes! Austerity will produce poverty not prosperity.


    Volunteer at: WWW.JOBS-NOT-CUTS.ORG
    Get other organizations, civic, religious and social justice groups to endorse the demonstration and mobilize their memberS.
    Run off copies and distribute them widely.

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  12. Pass a bill to help homeowners and communities hit hard by mortgage crisis


    I just signed the following petition addressed to: Congressional Representatives.

    Pass a bill to help homeowners and communities hit hard by mortgage crisis

    Former and present homeowners who have lost their homes within the last 24 months or are struggling will be able to enter into a rental contract with a community trust organization (like HUD or new agency).

    Rent will be based on the corrected value of the property, or other market factors.

    Renters will sign an agreement that stipulates that renter will pay monthly rent to the community trust or servicing agency. If the renter pays the rent on-time for 12 months without default then the renters will be eligible to CONVERT into government-backed mortgage. All payments received for the 12 months will be credited towards the renters downpayment. No additional credit checks will be required. The renters will be eligible for any other mortgage assistance program that they are available to others.


  14. afero  This year I undertook to form a desperately needed national organization that would enhance the political clout of our 40 million unemployed. The organization is the American Association of the Unemployed, AAUP. We are actively working on the initial development of the Association (501C3 (incorporation, social networks, position papers, grant proposals et cetera.)  The problem is that I, and my fellow activists, are too few and are woefully inadequate amateurs.
    Our immediate need is for membership. We will wave all fees and dues for 99ers who want to become part of the biggest unemployment picture.
    We are also seeking people with organizational skills who understand the need and could volunteer their services. Please contact:
    Reese Palley
    Chairman of the Board of AAUP

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  17. Mr. Reich:

    I was listening to the market place on the KCRW and you were talking about our economy not being a zero-sum game and since 1950s everyone benefited but this changed in the past 30 years. I do respect you and support you but I disagree with you completely on this since you are excluding other co-factors such as globalization and global competition for cheap labor. Race to the bottom has undermined our wages due to the emergence of modernizing economies and use of their lax environmental, business and labor laws.

    1. I would stop drinking the koolaid that the far right is offering. Sound bites do not give answers to our problems. We don't have to be economist to see where we have gone wrong and look at the numbers. The middle class wokers has given up over half of their pay while lowering the standard of living. It has now become an absolute must have dual household income along with no error in family planning to a marriage of 50/50 survival rate. Top all this off with a tripple dose of stress and no tolorance for anything to be slightly scewed because your nervous break down is only around the corner. Have we permentaly damaged the fabric that holds our society together.


  19. in this enlightened age, we wrote a law against hanging horse thieves. But we didn't realize how many horse thieves there were! They all voted themselves into congress and repealed the law against stealing horses. Now, they steal our horses but we can't hang 'em!
    Not fair.


    A worldwide indefinite detention without charge or trial provision is in S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act bill, which will be on the Senate floor on Monday, NOV. 28th.

    The bill was drafted in secret by Sens. Carl Levin (D-MI) and John McCain (R-AZ) and passed in a closed-door committee meeting, without a single hearing.

    The Senate is gearing up for a vote on Monday 28th or Tuesday 29th.
    Nov. 17, 2011 Considered by Senate.
    Nov. 16, 2011 Measure laid before Senate by unanimous consent.
    Nov. 14, 2011 Committee on Armed Services. Original measure reported to Senate by Senator Levin. Without written report.
    Nov. 14, 2011 Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 230.

    There is a way to stop this dangerous legislation.
    Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) is offering the Udall Amendment that will delete the harmful provisions and replace them with a requirement for an orderly Congressional review of detention power. Now is the time to contact your Senator and express disapproval of bill and support of the Udall Amendment.

    Scary and specific aspects of this bill can be seen at the ACLU site:

  21. Hello Robert Reich,
    I have a Suggestion but first I want to Thank You for your Very Informative, Very Insightful, and Brief Articles. I have a lot more Success getting Others to Read Your Articles because they typically are very brief versus Articles that are Several Pages Long. A Broad Question seems to exist at this time on what Occupy WallStreet should do next. My Suggestion is they Camp-out at Any and Every Republican Political Offices where ever they Exist. My Thought is that those who are the Most Responsible for Serving the 1% at the Expense of the 99% Should Be Forced to Explain and Justify Their Actions. How can they not only Completely Ignore what a Vast Majority of what ALL Citizens Want but that they also Completely Ignore the Majority of their Own Party Members when Polls in FACT show that a Majority of Their Party Members do not want many of these Policies/Laws that Benefit the 1% At the Expense of the 99%. IF you think this is a Good Idea I hope you will suggest this idea to your very large number of Readers. If you can find the time I also have a couple of other Suggestions and Questions I would Like to ask you in a more Private Method of Communication. Thank You, Rory Athearn

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  26. Tort-reform ? Oxymoron ? Mitch McConnel Moron!

    Tort - A wrongful act, not including including
    a breach of contract or trust, that
    resaults in injury to another's person
    , property, reputation, or the like,
    andfor which the injured party is
    entitlrd to compensation.

    So this is McConnel's approch to fixing our healthcare system. Why is it people like him speek to us and think they can or have dumbed down most of us. Not all are drinking there koolaide. There answers seem to be unanswered
    by repeating the same words: overturn,reform, deregulate.

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  28. Mr. Reich:

    I have read many of your articles and comments, please tell me why I should not look upon you as a sycophant of the Democratic National Party, and for politicians and their cronies in general, whose goal is grabbing power away from the free market? Every time I read you, I see an advocate of self-anointed experts, expanding the government's power of regulations, into dictating our economic and personal decisions we make for our families, and the goods and services we can offer others in the marketplace. What is it that makes you so much more special than, say, an executive of Chevron, a company whose dividends provided retirement security for two generations of my family?

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  39. Dear Robert here is a Post i made which has had positive feed back--Using the popular board game monopoly to show why actual high marginal tax rates are important. I thought with your artistic ability you can make use of the theme in your presentations---Michael

    The GOVERNMENT made the Problem--they corrupted the tax code and need to fix it. The HIGH MARGINAL tax rates not only funded the greater good (roads,schools,Police, Fire, etc) -- it also served as protection from the wealthy to stop them from squeezing more from the workers to gain a competitive edge and more profits which hurts the middle class. We experienced this unbridled Capitalism in 1920's and the Economy Collapsed. This is why we changed the the rules of our economy to make sure it didn't happen again--but the protections (high marginal tax rates (see graph) are now gone and you see the results--Middle class workers (skilled and Educated) are being driven into poverty again. Here's how it works--Think of a Monopoly game: What happens- as the game is played the luckiest player begins to pull away from the others and as the others try to survive they spend all their cash and sell their assets until they have nothing left--and as each player goes broke less and less money is circulating (slow economy) and when only the lucky player remains--it's GAME OVER--Depression. Now what do we do if we want the game to go on forever??? We would simple make a new rule to tax players heavily when they reached a certain high level of income and get that in the hands of the other players (called redistribution of Income). So now, while the game isn't nearly as fun for the Lucky player--It does go on forever. I know this is a simple model but the dynamics are the same. If you disagree explain the graph--and forget the insults and labels--E
    Graph --Wikipedia File:) US high-income effective tax rates.png
    It's a simple solution--Get those "real" high tax rates back on the wealthy and large corporations and spend all that on infrastructure, Education and Training--Then we will all boom again--

  40. Hi Mr. Reich, I enjoyed your post and agreed. I just wanted to draw your attention to what I do--and please don't laugh, I'm a Mom, a good Mom. I maintain a home, educate my daughters (and, yes, they are smart), took care of my elderly mother-in-law, and do everything people take for granted that mother's do. The thing is I don't get paid--neither for clean children, senior care, housekeeping etc. It is easier to argue my husband makes enough for me to stay home than to value what I do as work. My husband makes enough so long as we don't holiday, eat out, wear second clothes etc. It's a lot easier to say we can afford me to stay home than to recognize what I do is important. Consequently, people who replace me ECE workers and PSWs are not paid fairly (because the work is considered unimportant); teachers are not respected (because it is easy to read to children or teach the same math, year after year); and house keepers are silently disrespected--it's not difficult to clean a house, day after day after day. I think Mr. Reich, your comments are valid because it has become right wing to value a person who stays home to do work than recognize that the work itself is important. My husband thinks what I do is and was important; he sees me as a contributor to the family but not financially. I do unpaid work which is nonethless important. I think that is why it is easy to argue various jobs are not considered financially contributory to the economy, although I would suggest the work is still important. Just some thoughts and thank you, I do like reading your articles

  41. The disparity between those who are selling themselves on the media ,i.e. baseball players, celebrity chefs, etc. exaggerates the problem of wealth inequality. Work is devalued compared to "show." We need a way to reframe the inequality for a "work valuing" society. Media can not give access to the millions who work be they doctors, plumbers, truck drivers, etc.

  42. Interesting blog that a friend forwarded to me. I think one major point when comparing US and Canada that must be considered as to why economics work in Canada is that the US supports 11 million undocumented people whereas Canada supports 120,000. I think that should be considered when we talk about what Canada is doing right

    1. Canada is able to use their tax dollars for great services that their citizens can take advantage of. In the US we are providing a tremendous amount of gov services for a population that are not citizens and don't pay taxes. The economics will never make sense if we continue this in the US

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